Your Shout Outs


November 2008

Hi Folks,

I'm an older gal with a Jeep addiction.

Just wanted to drop a line to ya'll about the Mud Country tires I have on my 06 TJ. I bought them on a recomendation from the folks at Rough Country.

I'm a member of MidSouth Jeeps and run regularly with the club on off road adventures. Everything from mud to wet and dry rock climbing. I watch as some of my fellow club members struggle with traction as their tires fill up with mud and other times when a wet rock will stop them in their tracks looking for traction. I have yet to have my Cepeks let me down. Every time I point my rig in a direction it goes there and I rarely lose traction - unless it's in loose rocks. The only limitation I have come across so far is my driving ability and courage.

Every time I get the chance I brag on these tires. They ride well, are quieter on the highway than anything else I have ever ridden and have held up surprisingly well considering the abuse I have put them through. I'm not saying I haven't put a little rock rash on them, but they are one tough tire!

Just wanted to give you a big pat on the back for such a great tire. As soon as I can afford to I'm taking the 33's off that I have now and swapping them for 35's.

Kate Selby

Jeep TJ On Dick Cepek Mud Country Tires

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